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Nottwasaga OPP Bicycle Patrol Unit

Nottawasaga OPP Bicycle Patrol Unit started in 1999. This opportunity offers officers on patrol the ability to travel on the pathways and interact with the public. Nottawasaga OPP currently has 18 officers trained in specifically for police bicycle patrol. The unit’s equipment is funded by the Nottawasaga Police Services Board.

The area parks, pathways and downtown streets have become much more accessible, allowing the Bicycle Patrol Officers to be approached much more easily than if they were in a police cruiser. Officer’s deal with liquor, drug offences, alarms, disturbances and many other calls. They are also able to handle any other calls that may be assigned to them throughout the course of their shift. Bicycle Patrol Officers also attend many special events within the community such as the Canada Day, Tottenham Bluegrass Festival and PotatoeFest. They are also utilized for other events when suitable.

The Nottawasaga OPP Bicycle Patrol Unit is invaluable to the community and assists us in being more visible in areas in which a patrol vehicle may not be able to go. They interact with citizens to provide a sense of security, a source of information, and a visible presence. It makes the officer more approachable to the public, which solidifies the Nottawasaga OPP’s commitment to community policing by working in partnership with the community we serve.

You can expect to see the Nottawasaga OPP Bicycle Patrol Unit out this summer and when you do, please take a moment and meet the officers!

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